Wedding Photography Services

Wedding Photography Services

We Are Here For You

What do you want to look like in your wedding album? Will you be that blushing bride in the long flowing gown with the train that flows on forever, with a perfect veil to match, or will you be have a simple wardrobe fit for a simple bride maybe even barefoot and reception ready? Whatever your dream is Studio Xandra is here to capture it as it comes true.

We Will Keep It Alive

This special day that you are planning is one that you want to infuse with all your dreams that you have had from childhood until now. Maybe you just want to make it simple, maybe you want a big party, or maybe you want this to be the best day of your life and Studio Xandra has many opportunities for you to keep this momentous day alive forever.

  • When you choose to use Studio Xandra's services you choose to have a second shooter included in your package automatically.
  • When you choose to use us you choose a team with education behind them.
  • When you choose to use Studio Xandra you are getting a team that is dedicated wedding photographers always getting there hours early and staying till the deed is done.

What To Expect

  1. When you walk down the aisle you will be photographed by a photographer from in front of you and from behind you getting every angle that we can of your epic walk to your groom and your groooms first look at his beautiful bride.  Every angle of your ceremony will be covered so that nothing is missed. 
  2. The formals come right after the wedding and we work from the larger group settings down to just the bride and groom. Once it is just the bride and groom you may opt to go to another location to get some outdoor pictures if it was an indoor wedding or just another location for another background of your choosing. 
  3. When we get to the reception we photograph the cake, the guest registry, the centerpieces, any special signs or settings, any special lighting, the buffet or dinner setting, the wine glasses, the head table, etc. The reception entrance comes next and that is always photographed from several angles to capture guests claping and the wedding party entering etc.
  4. The toast's are photographed, the cake cutting is photographed from several angles, the first dance, the daughter daddy dance the mother son dance etc.
  5. If you ordered a photo booth we stay until the end of the reception if you did not order a photo booth we stay until the main events are done.

Contact Us

So now that you know what we do and how we do it the only thing left to say is let us capture your legacy today Contact Us at: 517-881-9294 to set-up a free consultation so we can show you how we will fit in to your dream wedding.

One Last Thing

One last thing, if your looking for videography services we offer a full line of options for weddings including a courtship reception video that you can play at your reception for your friends and family. The courtship video is pictures and video of you and your partner growing up all the way up to and during your courtship right up to and including when he proposed to you, if you have pictures or video of it. It goes over really well with family and friends they love taking the journey of your lives together with you and seeing how you two came together. 

Video Options, Too.

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The Planning

  • If you are planning a wedding I am sure that you can feel the stress and pressure of it all. One of the things you must plan for is how do you want your special day to be remembered. Once the tuxedos are returned and the cake has been eaten, the only thing you have left is the memories of the day.  

The Memories Lost

  • One way to save those memories is through photo’s and video’s. Now, I know weddings are expensive, but what do you want more, a way of holding on to the memories of the day by documenting it, or saving a few dollars? I vote for the memories! 

Capturing Your Legacy

  • Here at Studio Xandra we pride our selves at capturing your legacy. Spending time Capturing your day. We offer photography, videography, and photo booth services. The other unique offer we have is that we can do a video slideshow including video’s and photo’s of each of you growing up, as well as, your courtship. The greatest thing for your family and friends is to show this at your reception and allow them to take the journey of your lives and courtship with you. 

Happy Endings

  • Here at Studio Xandra we hope that your search for Photography, Videography, and, photo booth services is one that leaves you with a remarkably happy ending.


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