destination senior photography

Welcome Seniors.

As a new SENIOR I am sure you are excited. Studio Xandra is the place for you if you want creative and artistic, outside the box, non-cookie cutter images that stand out in the sea of pictures your friends will have. Also,Studio Xandra is the place for you if you want special lighting, collage, or hand painted images. 

What We Do


How We Do It


What to Expect

Expect for it to be a tiring process. It takes energy to change clothes a bunch of times and it takes energy to pose and express your natural emotions. Once you get comfortable with the camera it comes easy. You will still be tired when the process is done though.

What to Bring

Bring your sports or band or cheer outfits. Bring your  instruments, balls, gloves, helmets, jerseys from favorite teams, etc. bring anything that says this is me. Bring pets they are always welcome. 

What To Wear And Not Wear

Wear solid colors. Wear things that flatter you. Wear things that are classic that will not be out of style in a year. Wear an outfit that mom likes. Wear an outfit that you like. Do not wear prints. Do not wear fads that will be out of style in a short time. Do not wear something that you will be embarrassed to be seen in next year. Bring classy and classic outfits. No T-shirts with logo's or prints on them unless you are doing that intentionally for a certain look. Stay away from Super neon colors they don't look good with most skin tones.

Make-up, Glasses, Braces, and Tan Lines

We can remove in post production braces and correct some tan lines but we can't correct sun burn. It is suggested to get a pair of glasses without lenses from your optometrist before your session to ease in the editing the eyes. We cannot correct lens flare due to glasses in post production so getting glasses without lenses is necessary before the day of your session. Make-up should be natural just your regular make-up is fine a little darker on the mascara is good though. Guys Make-up for you too,to even out the skin a base coat is a good idea.

The Shoot

The shoot will be both indoor at your home in your living room or den, and at several locations in or around your town or city. All of this will be areas of your choosing, so think ahead of time where you want to go, be creative, and have directions to each location as well as return directions to your house and to the highway for us at the end of the shoot.

The Proofs

You will receive a quick preview of five images the next day via email. You will receive your digital proofs 14 days after the shoot. You will receive a link to a page with your images on them where you can view them. You will have one week to view them before the sales session.

Your Sales Session

The sales session is done over the phone, skype, google duo, face time, or any way in which you would like to communicate. During the sales session you will be able to ask any questions you may have. I will provide via email a price sheet you can print out or you can come here to the website to see the prices as seen below.

Price List