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Hi, I’m Alex and I’m 45! I started StudioXandra in 2003. I didn't start off doing wedding photography, but it's become my core focus and true love. I do still do some session work senior high school students and families when asked.

I live in the Port Huron area. I'm slightly obsessed with dogs and cats, guess that's why I ended up with three of my own. My "fur-babies" are my life. I rescued all three of them, Mengha, Baxter, and Bubba! The first two are cats and Bubba is a five-pound chihuahua. So, if you have your own, never hesitate on bringing them to your engagement session!

I love getting chai tea with my partner, reading a good book, spending endless hours writing my novels for relaxation, and spending time with my girlfriends from time to time. One random fact about me; I have two metal rods on my spine and my foot is rebuilt with metal from a car accident when I was twenty, but I don’t let my disabilities get in my way, not one bit!

I am committed to my best friend Sean Since November 12th, 1999. We met in college in 1995 at Central Michigan University. He chased me for a few years, but eventually caught me and won my heart. Sean is my rock and one of my biggest supporters of my business along with my parents. 

My parents have supported my dreams for as long as I can remember buying camera equipment and film back in the day, then on to computers and digital and all that came with that. They have been with me through it all. My dad has even been my second shooter sometimes.

As goofy as it sounds, I love the idea of love. There's a good chance I'll be tearing up at your ceremony while taking photos!!  

Most importantly, I love my "job". Photographs are what you're going to have to remember your special day forever. I feel so incredibly lucky that I get to capture those moments for people. I like to consider myself more of a personal photographer for each family, capturing that authentic, candid love between couples. Real moments. 

You will never be stiffly posed! I want you to have fun at your session, laugh, and goof around. I love leaving my sessions feeling like I gained new friends. I am happy to say that I've become friends with some of my "clients”. 

My editing style is on the warm side, with fresh skin tones and dark and mood-altering essences. I'm a "true to color" photographer and capture enhanced moods and emotions. I tend to like to give my couples more choices rather than less choices and I always include some artistic renditions with the package as well.

As for my video style I like to give a fun and adventurous video to my couples that leaves them with the best moments of the day highlighted for them. On the collage videos and slideshows I like to give a free flowing spirit to the project. I let it build itself through the music you choose and the images you bring me it is like putting a puzzle together.​


About Us

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